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Moving is frustrating no matter how well all of your belongings have been organized. Here are some tips and ways to alleviate and minimize confusion, frustration, stress and potential damage when moving to your new home or apartment.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

  • Number your boxes – Have a lot of boxes that need to be tracked? Try labeling and numbering boxes according to the room in which the possessions will ultimately reside. For example if you have 30 boxes full of kitchen materials, label all the boxes “kitchen,” and number them one by one, such as “1/30, 2/30,” and so on to ensure all your boxes are moved into the correct room and that no boxes go missing.
  • Photograph plugged in electronics – Re-wiring all your computers, sound systems, televisions and electronics can be a nightmare, but photographing all your devices with their correct wires plugged in can cut down your re-wiring time by providing a visual guide showing you which plugs go where. Bundle wires that go to a device together to make things even easier.
  • Start packing seasonal, unused items first – It’s easy to procrastinate packing but you can start packing easy items like holiday and seasonal decorations. Many seasonal decorations, like artificial Christmas trees, already have their own moving-ready packaging. Grouping and organizing these items together should help get your packing process started.
  • Wrap fragile items in clothing – Bubble wrap can be expensive, but you can wrap fragile items using the shirt off your back. Clothing can be just as cushy and protective as bubble wrap, especially thicker items like sweaters and wool socks. Put glassware into clean socks or wrap fragile china in thick wool sweaters if you want to save some cash. Just be careful during unpacking.
  • Pack items tightly so they don’t rattle – If you packed a box but find that its contents rattle when you pick it up, then it means your items are shifting and are in danger of breaking in transit. If it’s a box full of dishes, repack it by stacking and placing dishes vertically on their edges like vinyl records. Pack stemware upside down, on top of heavier items that should line the bottom of the box. If the box still rattles, try inserting packing paper in the empty spaces within to add some extra cushion.

Move-in Ready Apartments with Clintwood Apartments

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