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A studio apartment can be a great place to live for those who don’t need much space and are looking to save money on living expenses. For those who need extra room — a studio might not be the best choice. If you’re looking into a studio for yourself and/or a close friend or spouse, it’s important to know just what you’re getting into. To help you out, our realty team here at Clintwood Realty has put together this short guide on some of the pros and cons of studio apartment living. Read on to learn more and contact our Rochester, NY Realty team at (585) 244-0610 today!

What Is A Studio Apartment?

As far as apartments go, studios are the most basic options out there. They’re also typically the smallest. That being said, most studios will give you everything you need to live a comfortable (albeit downsized) life. A studio apartment is typically compromised of a living space that doubles as a bedroom, with the kitchen and dining areas attached as part of that same room. In a studio, the only extra room will typically be a small bathroom adjacent to the larger main room. Studios are ideal for single tenants, close friends, or couples who do not mind sharing the same space.

The Pros of Studio Apartments

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a studio apartment is its price. Less space typically means less rent, which makes studios frontrunners in affordability as far as apartment living goes. A studio apartment can typically run for two-thirds to half the cost of a one-bedroom in the same apartment complex. And that’s just the rent. Studios also require less energy and less upfront furniture costs to fully outfit. For instance, a single strategically-placed floor lamp can provide light for your entire space in a studio. You also won’t need to worry about decorating that extra living room or guest room — because you won’t have one. If you are trying to live on a budget, there is no better choice than a studio.
Studio apartments are also quite easy to maintain. This also due in large part to their size, which facilitates fast and easy cleanups and necessitates the need for less stuff. Less clutter and less mess have been scientifically shown to increase mood and productivity, which can lead to a number of other health-related benefits. With studios, cleaning comes easy and downsizing becomes necessary.

The Cons

For many, the necessity of downsizing that comes with a studio apartment is simply too large of a sacrifice. Having to say goodbye to possessions and certain amenities is a major drawback for some people. And for those who want to hang on to their extra possessions, living in a studio will likely necessitate the purchase of a storage unit, which will add to monthly costs. Simply put, if you love “stuff,” a studio may not be the right choice for you.
Just as the lack of stuff in a studio apartment can be considered a drawback, so can the lack of space. For those that like to stretch and move from room to room, a studio can start to feel a lot like a jail cell. This problem can often get amplified if you are sharing your studio with someone else. While fun and comforting at times, a roommate in close quarters will undoubtedly have you wishing for your own space at certain times. In a studio, you may start to feel like there’s no escape.
The problem of less space only gets amplified if you are trying to entertain. While quaint, a party held in a studio apartment is also a recipe for disaster. When your bedroom is also your living room, dining room, and lounge you and your guests may feel like the party is just a little too cozy for comfort. And if you want pets, be prepared to expend extra effort combating smell and noise. A pet in a confined space will make its presence much more known than one in a more spacious environment. Larger animals such as cats and dogs will also become unhappy in a space as small as a studio if they are not given the ability roam elsewhere.

Studio Apartments and More at Clintwood Realty

Whether you’ve chosen to pursue the studio apartment route or have decided to start searching for something a little bigger, our team here at Clintwood Realty has a number of listings that may be perfect for you. Located inside the Clintwood Apartments, one of the most affordable and sought after complexes in Rochester, NY, our available studios come outfitted with all of the standard amenities, including laundry appliances, abundant storage space, and utilities included in the price. We also have a selection of one and two bedroom apartments available for rent here at Clintwood.

To learn more about the many advantages of our available listings, or to schedule a viewing, contact our Rochester, NY team at (585) 244-0610 today!