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Apartments and condos are growing in popularity among young, single people and couples without children. Here are some benefits that make apartment living so attractive to many.

Benefits to Living in Apartments and Condos

  • Save more money – Apartments are easier to furnish, saving you money. It also lends itself to a more minimalist, environmentally friendly lifestyle, and helps you prioritize what you really need. Also think about the pain and hassle homeowners have to deal with whenever something goes wrong. Renters never have to pay for a new roof or AC unit, they just call someone up who fixes it for FREE.
  • Greater focus on quality – When you don’t have to buy things to fill up empty space, you will automatically find yourself focusing on quality rather than quantity. For example, when purchasing furniture, you’ll focus more on the sturdiness of furniture, their quality and how well they fit with other items in your apartment, providing a more cohesive look.
  • Heating and cooling bills will be lower – It takes less time for your apartment to be thoroughly chilled or warmed, requiring less energy than is used to heat and cool larger homes, as it takes much longer for air to travel through them. The larger a residence is, the harder it is to achieve and maintain a consistent desired temperature. Condos and apartments are AC-friendly, meaning less strain on your finances and more time staying warm or cool during the more extreme seasons.
  • More funds for statement pieces – Statement pieces are fun but can be expensive investments. In larger homes a statement piece in one room can potentially offset your design scheme in others, requiring similar statement pieces or artwork to be placed to tie your whole home’s theme together. Apartment and condo owners don’t have to worry about that issue because one statement piece can set the tone for the whole apartment’s theme, allowing for more money to be spent on a flashier, opulent statement piece.

Live Large with Clintwood Apartments and Condos

Live large with Clintwood Apartments’ studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Our apartment units come with a separate dressing area and generous closet space giving our floor plans a wide, airy feeling.

The benefits of living at Clintwood Apartments include:

  • Proximity to Brighton School District
  • Heat and hot water included
  • Complimentary cable TV
  • Pool
  • Close to shopping centers
  • Onsite laundry facilities
  • After hours maintenance service
  • Within 10 minutes of Rochester International Airport
  • Within five minutes of University of Rochester Medical Center

Contact Clintwood Apartments to apply for a spot in our community today.