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Whether you’re moving into a smaller living quarters or dealing with clutter in your current home or apartment, staying organized can help you get the most out of your space. For those in apartments or small homes, space organization can be considerably trickier simply because there is less space to work with. To help you organize your small space, our property professionals here at Clintwood Realty have put together a list of small space organization tips ideal for both homes and apartments. Read on to learn more, and contact our Rochester, NY Realty team at (585) 244-0610 today!

Utilize Vertical Space

When improperly organized, a space that is already small, to begin with, will feel cluttered and cramped. That’s because those living inside it will feel like they have no room to move or stretch out. One way to fix this is to utilize the spaces that people don’t usually occupy to their fullest. Vertical spaces are an excellent place to start. Invest in tall shelves, bookcases, dressers, and cabinets. These furniture items will not only give extra storage space up towards the ceiling (where no one hangs out anyway) — they’ll also open up space on the floor (where everyone hangs out and walks around). Get creative with your vertical space usage by looking for spaces you wouldn’t usually think of store items and decorate. For instance, wall space above doors and windows can be utilized for small shelving units and other items. By choosing to go vertical with your stuff, you’ll open up more room in your space for the things that really matter — like dancing.

Capitalize on Closets

Your closet is the one room in your home or apartment that is specifically designed for storage. If you have a closet in your studio or other small space, use it as much as possible. Filling your closet with as many items as you can will make your living space that much larger due to lack of clutter. However, when filling your closets, it’s important to keep organization in mind. A closet that’s packed to the brim with random, unorganized items is highly unpleasant to sort through when one of those items is needed. To get the most out of your closets, try adding a dresser or chest of drawers beneath your hanging clothes. Invest in additional smaller storage devices where needed to keep track of those items you put away for safe keeping. That way, you’ll be able to look through your closet with minimal effort when you need to.

Swear by Sorting

Organization isn’t just for closets. Proper organization and sorting in your entire home or apartment will have major benefits on your overall space. Even if no space is saved (which is rarely the case), and organized home or apartment will feel larger than one that is disordered and cluttered. When everything is visually appealing to the eye, and when you know where everything is, your space will be more pleasant to occupy. Sort your items by function, color, or any other category of your choosing — just so long as you know where everything is, we guarantee your sorted space will be a happier one.

Don’t be Afraid to Downsize

At the end of the day, many organization attempts fail because homeowners or renters simply have too much stuff. If you find yourself with crammed closets, filled shelves, crammed rooms, and still not even enough space to think straight — it’s probably time to de-clutter and downsize. For some, downsizing is a relatively easy task. For others, it can be quite difficult. That’s because we often want to hang on to the things in our possessions, either for sentimental purposes or because we think we may eventually need them. To help you weed out the items you truly do not need, we recommend bringing a friend along to reinforce any tough downsizing choices. A friend won’t share your same attachment to your possessions, and can thus help you make a more rational decision.
When you have finally settled on which goods to get rid of, you have several options to get them off your hands. Since everybody loves a little extra cash in their pockets, selling your goods through a yard sale, eBay, or Craigslist will help ease any hang-ups you might have had about parting with your possessions in the first place. A simpler route would be to donate your goods. Many local charities take drop-offs at their stores — others even offer pick-ups right at your door. When all else fails, you can also pay a visit to your local dump to get rid of your unwanted items once and for all.

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