The Benefits of Having a Two Bedroom Apartment

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The two bedroom apartment is the perfect happy medium between a small studio or one bedroom and a large home or condo. It has just enough space to give you extra room for storage and allow you to entertain guests, while still giving you the compactness and affordable price tag of a mid-sized apartment. Whether you are planning on living alone, with a roommate, or with a significant other, a correctly-sized two bedroom apartment can easily accommodate your needs. In this guide, our property professionals here at Clintwood Realty have compiled a list of the many benefits of two bedroom apartments — even for those who live alone. Read on for more information, and contact our Rochester, NY realty team at (585) 244-0610 to learn about our available two bedroom apartment listings today!

Extra Storage Space

It’s no secret that two rooms have more space than one. With a two bedroom apartment, you get a living room, a bed room for yourself, and an extra room to use for whatever you see fit. Many two bedroom apartment renters have roommates to share the rent and occupy the second room, but many others use that room for something else. If you have hobby, a second room can be a perfect place to set up shop. It’s also an excellent place to store all of those prized possessions you were unable to get rid of when you moved.

Guest Space

Expecting guests? If you live in a studio, you better be alright with sharing a room. If you live in a one bedroom, one of you better be alright with sleeping in the common area. If you live in a two bedroom (and you don’t have a roommate), you have the perfect guest room ready to go. This is ideal for visiting friends and family — and even better when those visitors over stay their welcome. Give them a room to themselves, and everyone will be happy.

Space for Yourself

Having space to be alone and enjoy yourself is important — even when you already live by yourself. Many apartment dwellers will eventually grow tired of using the same room for everything — and slowly but surely their studio or one bedroom space will start to feel too confined. With two bedroom apartments, you can divide and conquer. Make one room your office, another your relaxation space, and pick one to be your bedroom. Decorate each differently to help change things up. This will go a long way in transforming your apartment into a space you’ll really enjoy occupying.
If you do happen to have roommates, a two bedroom apartment will give you just enough space to be alone if you want to be. In a two bedroom setup, each person has their own room, and there is also a communal living space to share. In the event that you want some solitude, it’s nice to have the extra options.

Two Bedroom Apartments at Clintwood Realty

If you are currently in the market for a two bedroom apartment in Rochester, NY, our realtors here at Clintwood Realty have a host of exciting options for you. We currently have several two bedroom spaces available for rent at the Clintwood Apartments, one of Rochester’s most desirable and affordable apartment complexes. Outfitted with welcome features and amenities including large master bedrooms, spacious kitchen and dining spaces, and utilities included in the price of the space, our two bedroom apartments are perfect for those looking for a little something more in their apartment lifestyle.

To learn more about our available listings, and to schedule a tour, contact our Rochester, NY team at (585) 244-0610 today!

The Best Furniture for a Small and Compact Apartment

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Living in a small apartment has its benefits and its drawbacks. On the one hand, a small apartment like a studio is can be relaxing for those who want to lead a downsized lifestyle and spend less on monthly rent. On the other hand, small and compact apartments can be difficult outfit and organize without compromising too much space. If you are currently looking for ideas on how to decorate and design your studio or one-bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, our property experts here at Clintwood Realty have compiled several furniture suggestions to help you get the most out of your small space. Read to for some of our best furniture tips, and contact our Rochester, NY team at (585) 244-0610 today!

Vertical Storage

When thinking about furniture, other belongings, and general space concerns for your apartment, storage is always a good place to start. In small apartments such as studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms, proper storage is essential maximizing livable space. To keep the square footage on your floor as open as possible, we recommend utilizing the vertical space in your apartment to its fullest when planning your storage. If you’re going to invest in shelving or bookcases (which, in most cases, you’ll need to), make sure that your shelves reach as close to the ceiling as possible while still being reachable for those in your apartments. The same goes for dressers, drawers, and cabinetry in other areas in your apartment. By getting as much out of your vertical storage as possible through tall furniture items, you will be opening up your floor space in your apartment for other uses.

Foldable, Collapsible, and Storable Furniture

With space at a premium in most apartments, finding furniture that’s as compact as possible in generally a good idea. Of course, you don’t want your furniture so compact that it’s no longer comfortable. To optimize both space usage and comfort, many of today’s furniture makers offer foldable and collapsible furniture items to allow for spacious comfort when you need it, and compact storage when you don’t.
If you are looking for a dining or seating set, try to find one that is stackable and designed compact storing. That way, you’ll be able to open up your kitchen and dining space whenever needed. Foldable tables, collapsible chairs and any other well-made items that have the ability to become smaller when needed are excellent investments for homes and apartments that are short on space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Related to foldable and collapsible furniture items are multi-purpose furniture pieces that can be used for several functions. These items are perfect for small spaces since they consolidate the roles of 2 or 3 furniture items into one fully-functional piece.
If you’re in the market for a coffee table, consider one that opens up for extra storage underneath the hood. Better yet, try to find on that vertically expands into a desk, thus eliminating the need for an extra furniture item. Other multi-purpose furniture items include bed frames with built-in shelf storage, wall-mounted desks with slide-out trays for storage and functional usage when needed, vanity-dresser combos, and more. By adding as many multi-purpose furniture pieces to your home or apartment as possible, you’ll eliminate the need for extra furniture and open up your living space.

Get Creative

We’ve already covered vertical storage, collapsible solutions, and multi-purpose furniture. Our last suggestion isn’t so much a type of furniture as it is a general piece of advice for small-apartment dwellers. When it comes to your furniture, get creative. Learn to build your own vertical storage or collapsible furniture solutions. Don’t be afraid to let your dinner table double as a desk. Many space-related problems can be solved through creative rearranging or thrift-store purchases. Just be sure to make choices that will complement your space. You’re the one living there, after all.

If you have any questions about furniture or apartment design, our property professionals here at Clintwood Realty are happy to help. Give us a call at (585) 244-0610 to speak with one of our Rochester, NY team members today!

How to Organize in a Small Space

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Whether you’re moving into a smaller living quarters or dealing with clutter in your current home or apartment, staying organized can help you get the most out of your space. For those in apartments or small homes, space organization can be considerably trickier simply because there is less space to work with. To help you organize your small space, our property professionals here at Clintwood Realty have put together a list of small space organization tips ideal for both homes and apartments. Read on to learn more, and contact our Rochester, NY Realty team at (585) 244-0610 today!

Utilize Vertical Space

When improperly organized, a space that is already small, to begin with, will feel cluttered and cramped. That’s because those living inside it will feel like they have no room to move or stretch out. One way to fix this is to utilize the spaces that people don’t usually occupy to their fullest. Vertical spaces are an excellent place to start. Invest in tall shelves, bookcases, dressers, and cabinets. These furniture items will not only give extra storage space up towards the ceiling (where no one hangs out anyway) — they’ll also open up space on the floor (where everyone hangs out and walks around). Get creative with your vertical space usage by looking for spaces you wouldn’t usually think of store items and decorate. For instance, wall space above doors and windows can be utilized for small shelving units and other items. By choosing to go vertical with your stuff, you’ll open up more room in your space for the things that really matter — like dancing.

Capitalize on Closets

Your closet is the one room in your home or apartment that is specifically designed for storage. If you have a closet in your studio or other small space, use it as much as possible. Filling your closet with as many items as you can will make your living space that much larger due to lack of clutter. However, when filling your closets, it’s important to keep organization in mind. A closet that’s packed to the brim with random, unorganized items is highly unpleasant to sort through when one of those items is needed. To get the most out of your closets, try adding a dresser or chest of drawers beneath your hanging clothes. Invest in additional smaller storage devices where needed to keep track of those items you put away for safe keeping. That way, you’ll be able to look through your closet with minimal effort when you need to.

Swear by Sorting

Organization isn’t just for closets. Proper organization and sorting in your entire home or apartment will have major benefits on your overall space. Even if no space is saved (which is rarely the case), and organized home or apartment will feel larger than one that is disordered and cluttered. When everything is visually appealing to the eye, and when you know where everything is, your space will be more pleasant to occupy. Sort your items by function, color, or any other category of your choosing — just so long as you know where everything is, we guarantee your sorted space will be a happier one.

Don’t be Afraid to Downsize

At the end of the day, many organization attempts fail because homeowners or renters simply have too much stuff. If you find yourself with crammed closets, filled shelves, crammed rooms, and still not even enough space to think straight — it’s probably time to de-clutter and downsize. For some, downsizing is a relatively easy task. For others, it can be quite difficult. That’s because we often want to hang on to the things in our possessions, either for sentimental purposes or because we think we may eventually need them. To help you weed out the items you truly do not need, we recommend bringing a friend along to reinforce any tough downsizing choices. A friend won’t share your same attachment to your possessions, and can thus help you make a more rational decision.
When you have finally settled on which goods to get rid of, you have several options to get them off your hands. Since everybody loves a little extra cash in their pockets, selling your goods through a yard sale, eBay, or Craigslist will help ease any hang-ups you might have had about parting with your possessions in the first place. A simpler route would be to donate your goods. Many local charities take drop-offs at their stores — others even offer pick-ups right at your door. When all else fails, you can also pay a visit to your local dump to get rid of your unwanted items once and for all.

Want to Learn More? Call Us!

If you are interested in learning more about small-space organization, our property experts here at Clintwood Realty would be happy to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

To get in touch, give our Rochester, NY team a call at (585) 244-0610 today!

Looking for Studio Living? Here Are Some Pros and Cons

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A studio apartment can be a great place to live for those who don’t need much space and are looking to save money on living expenses. For those who need extra room — a studio might not be the best choice. If you’re looking into a studio for yourself and/or a close friend or spouse, it’s important to know just what you’re getting into. To help you out, our realty team here at Clintwood Realty has put together this short guide on some of the pros and cons of studio apartment living. Read on to learn more and contact our Rochester, NY Realty team at (585) 244-0610 today!

What Is A Studio Apartment?

As far as apartments go, studios are the most basic options out there. They’re also typically the smallest. That being said, most studios will give you everything you need to live a comfortable (albeit downsized) life. A studio apartment is typically compromised of a living space that doubles as a bedroom, with the kitchen and dining areas attached as part of that same room. In a studio, the only extra room will typically be a small bathroom adjacent to the larger main room. Studios are ideal for single tenants, close friends, or couples who do not mind sharing the same space.

The Pros of Studio Apartments

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a studio apartment is its price. Less space typically means less rent, which makes studios frontrunners in affordability as far as apartment living goes. A studio apartment can typically run for two-thirds to half the cost of a one-bedroom in the same apartment complex. And that’s just the rent. Studios also require less energy and less upfront furniture costs to fully outfit. For instance, a single strategically-placed floor lamp can provide light for your entire space in a studio. You also won’t need to worry about decorating that extra living room or guest room — because you won’t have one. If you are trying to live on a budget, there is no better choice than a studio.
Studio apartments are also quite easy to maintain. This also due in large part to their size, which facilitates fast and easy cleanups and necessitates the need for less stuff. Less clutter and less mess have been scientifically shown to increase mood and productivity, which can lead to a number of other health-related benefits. With studios, cleaning comes easy and downsizing becomes necessary.

The Cons

For many, the necessity of downsizing that comes with a studio apartment is simply too large of a sacrifice. Having to say goodbye to possessions and certain amenities is a major drawback for some people. And for those who want to hang on to their extra possessions, living in a studio will likely necessitate the purchase of a storage unit, which will add to monthly costs. Simply put, if you love “stuff,” a studio may not be the right choice for you.
Just as the lack of stuff in a studio apartment can be considered a drawback, so can the lack of space. For those that like to stretch and move from room to room, a studio can start to feel a lot like a jail cell. This problem can often get amplified if you are sharing your studio with someone else. While fun and comforting at times, a roommate in close quarters will undoubtedly have you wishing for your own space at certain times. In a studio, you may start to feel like there’s no escape.
The problem of less space only gets amplified if you are trying to entertain. While quaint, a party held in a studio apartment is also a recipe for disaster. When your bedroom is also your living room, dining room, and lounge you and your guests may feel like the party is just a little too cozy for comfort. And if you want pets, be prepared to expend extra effort combating smell and noise. A pet in a confined space will make its presence much more known than one in a more spacious environment. Larger animals such as cats and dogs will also become unhappy in a space as small as a studio if they are not given the ability roam elsewhere.

Studio Apartments and More at Clintwood Realty

Whether you’ve chosen to pursue the studio apartment route or have decided to start searching for something a little bigger, our team here at Clintwood Realty has a number of listings that may be perfect for you. Located inside the Clintwood Apartments, one of the most affordable and sought after complexes in Rochester, NY, our available studios come outfitted with all of the standard amenities, including laundry appliances, abundant storage space, and utilities included in the price. We also have a selection of one and two bedroom apartments available for rent here at Clintwood.

To learn more about the many advantages of our available listings, or to schedule a viewing, contact our Rochester, NY team at (585) 244-0610 today!

Living Large in Apartments and Condos

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Apartments and condos are growing in popularity among young, single people and couples without children. Here are some benefits that make apartment living so attractive to many.

Benefits to Living in Apartments and Condos

  • Save more money – Apartments are easier to furnish, saving you money. It also lends itself to a more minimalist, environmentally friendly lifestyle, and helps you prioritize what you really need. Also think about the pain and hassle homeowners have to deal with whenever something goes wrong. Renters never have to pay for a new roof or AC unit, they just call someone up who fixes it for FREE.
  • Greater focus on quality – When you don’t have to buy things to fill up empty space, you will automatically find yourself focusing on quality rather than quantity. For example, when purchasing furniture, you’ll focus more on the sturdiness of furniture, their quality and how well they fit with other items in your apartment, providing a more cohesive look.
  • Heating and cooling bills will be lower – It takes less time for your apartment to be thoroughly chilled or warmed, requiring less energy than is used to heat and cool larger homes, as it takes much longer for air to travel through them. The larger a residence is, the harder it is to achieve and maintain a consistent desired temperature. Condos and apartments are AC-friendly, meaning less strain on your finances and more time staying warm or cool during the more extreme seasons.
  • More funds for statement pieces – Statement pieces are fun but can be expensive investments. In larger homes a statement piece in one room can potentially offset your design scheme in others, requiring similar statement pieces or artwork to be placed to tie your whole home’s theme together. Apartment and condo owners don’t have to worry about that issue because one statement piece can set the tone for the whole apartment’s theme, allowing for more money to be spent on a flashier, opulent statement piece.

Live Large with Clintwood Apartments and Condos

Live large with Clintwood Apartments’ studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Our apartment units come with a separate dressing area and generous closet space giving our floor plans a wide, airy feeling.

The benefits of living at Clintwood Apartments include:

  • Proximity to Brighton School District
  • Heat and hot water included
  • Complimentary cable TV
  • Pool
  • Close to shopping centers
  • Onsite laundry facilities
  • After hours maintenance service
  • Within 10 minutes of Rochester International Airport
  • Within five minutes of University of Rochester Medical Center

Contact Clintwood Apartments to apply for a spot in our community today.

Ways to Help Make Moving Easier

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Moving is frustrating no matter how well all of your belongings have been organized. Here are some tips and ways to alleviate and minimize confusion, frustration, stress and potential damage when moving to your new home or apartment.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

  • Number your boxes – Have a lot of boxes that need to be tracked? Try labeling and numbering boxes according to the room in which the possessions will ultimately reside. For example if you have 30 boxes full of kitchen materials, label all the boxes “kitchen,” and number them one by one, such as “1/30, 2/30,” and so on to ensure all your boxes are moved into the correct room and that no boxes go missing.
  • Photograph plugged in electronics – Re-wiring all your computers, sound systems, televisions and electronics can be a nightmare, but photographing all your devices with their correct wires plugged in can cut down your re-wiring time by providing a visual guide showing you which plugs go where. Bundle wires that go to a device together to make things even easier.
  • Start packing seasonal, unused items first – It’s easy to procrastinate packing but you can start packing easy items like holiday and seasonal decorations. Many seasonal decorations, like artificial Christmas trees, already have their own moving-ready packaging. Grouping and organizing these items together should help get your packing process started.
  • Wrap fragile items in clothing – Bubble wrap can be expensive, but you can wrap fragile items using the shirt off your back. Clothing can be just as cushy and protective as bubble wrap, especially thicker items like sweaters and wool socks. Put glassware into clean socks or wrap fragile china in thick wool sweaters if you want to save some cash. Just be careful during unpacking.
  • Pack items tightly so they don’t rattle – If you packed a box but find that its contents rattle when you pick it up, then it means your items are shifting and are in danger of breaking in transit. If it’s a box full of dishes, repack it by stacking and placing dishes vertically on their edges like vinyl records. Pack stemware upside down, on top of heavier items that should line the bottom of the box. If the box still rattles, try inserting packing paper in the empty spaces within to add some extra cushion.

Move-in Ready Apartments with Clintwood Apartments

Moving out of your old home might be difficult but you don’t have to worry about the move-in process at Clintwood Apartments move-in ready apartments. Many of our apartments feature generous closet spaces with large open eat-in kitchens and breakfast bars in our larger models. No matter how many items you’re moving, they’ll find their rightful place in our units.

Contact us today to reserve a space or discuss move-in friendly features and options.

Living Large in a Small Apartment

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Decorating a small apartment comes with its own unique set of challenges. Optimizing space without sacrificing design ideas, placement of art pieces, size and design of furniture, etc. are all common issues small apartment tenants face. Here are some design suggestions to help you make the most of your space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Designing for Small Apartments

  • Brighten up a room – Small spaces can often be dark, especially when there are limited light sources. Painting the walls of a room with light colors can help brighten it. Softer hues can make a cramped room appear more spacious.
  • Hang a mirror opposite a window – Hanging a mirror opposite a window will spread light around your room, further brightening it. Mirrors also give the appearance of more space.
  • Install floating shelves – Floating shelves’ open design gets rid of the inelegant bulk design of most storage cabinets and shelving units, creating an open-ended, continuous setup.
  • Match curtain colors to your wall color – Matching your curtains to your wall color creates a seamless, unbroken line for your eye to follow across the room. This optical effect makes your room appear much larger.
  • Scale your furniture to size – Large furniture in a small apartment just doesn’t work. Not only are you sacrificing floor space but you’re also creating a dense, cramped living space that creates a claustrophobic atmosphere. Buy size-appropriate furniture to fit the scale of your room.
  • Choose multi-functional pieces – Double up on space with furniture that incorporates multiple functions in one. Modern furniture pieces are commonly created this way, such as coffee tables with a shelf below or hollow interiors, ottomans with removable tops or shelves with storage bins.
  • Add some greenery – Plants can help bring a room together and liven up the space. Hanging plants free up floor space, which can be ideal for apartment living. You can also hang plants over tables or non-walkable floor space to make use of both ceiling and floor space.
  • Add vertical stripes to drapes – Vertical stripes create an optical effect of elongation. Using vertical stripes on drapes can help make a low ceiling feel even higher than it is. Find a vertically striped pattern you like, preferably one that matches the color of your room, to help keep the continuation effect, where the vertical pattern is noticeably visible to achieve the desired effect.

Furnish Your Apartment the Way You Want with Clintwood Apartments

No apartment is too small to decorate at Clintwood Apartments. Our smallest units still have ample room for décor-enhancing furniture and accessories, and each is smartly designed to fit any type of furniture comfortably. Clintwood Apartment units are also located in a cozy, welcoming neighborhood, making it an attractive place to live for couples and families.
Contact Clintwood Apartments today to schedule a walk-through of one of our spacious units.