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The two bedroom apartment is the perfect happy medium between a small studio or one bedroom and a large home or condo. It has just enough space to give you extra room for storage and allow you to entertain guests, while still giving you the compactness and affordable price tag of a mid-sized apartment. Whether you are planning on living alone, with a roommate, or with a significant other, a correctly-sized two bedroom apartment can easily accommodate your needs. In this guide, our property professionals here at Clintwood Realty have compiled a list of the many benefits of two bedroom apartments — even for those who live alone. Read on for more information, and contact our Rochester, NY realty team at (585) 244-0610 to learn about our available two bedroom apartment listings today!

Extra Storage Space

It’s no secret that two rooms have more space than one. With a two bedroom apartment, you get a living room, a bed room for yourself, and an extra room to use for whatever you see fit. Many two bedroom apartment renters have roommates to share the rent and occupy the second room, but many others use that room for something else. If you have hobby, a second room can be a perfect place to set up shop. It’s also an excellent place to store all of those prized possessions you were unable to get rid of when you moved.

Guest Space

Expecting guests? If you live in a studio, you better be alright with sharing a room. If you live in a one bedroom, one of you better be alright with sleeping in the common area. If you live in a two bedroom (and you don’t have a roommate), you have the perfect guest room ready to go. This is ideal for visiting friends and family — and even better when those visitors over stay their welcome. Give them a room to themselves, and everyone will be happy.

Space for Yourself

Having space to be alone and enjoy yourself is important — even when you already live by yourself. Many apartment dwellers will eventually grow tired of using the same room for everything — and slowly but surely their studio or one bedroom space will start to feel too confined. With two bedroom apartments, you can divide and conquer. Make one room your office, another your relaxation space, and pick one to be your bedroom. Decorate each differently to help change things up. This will go a long way in transforming your apartment into a space you’ll really enjoy occupying.
If you do happen to have roommates, a two bedroom apartment will give you just enough space to be alone if you want to be. In a two bedroom setup, each person has their own room, and there is also a communal living space to share. In the event that you want some solitude, it’s nice to have the extra options.

Two Bedroom Apartments at Clintwood Realty

If you are currently in the market for a two bedroom apartment in Rochester, NY, our realtors here at Clintwood Realty have a host of exciting options for you. We currently have several two bedroom spaces available for rent at the Clintwood Apartments, one of Rochester’s most desirable and affordable apartment complexes. Outfitted with welcome features and amenities including large master bedrooms, spacious kitchen and dining spaces, and utilities included in the price of the space, our two bedroom apartments are perfect for those looking for a little something more in their apartment lifestyle.

To learn more about our available listings, and to schedule a tour, contact our Rochester, NY team at (585) 244-0610 today!